This is just the beginning...

Well, here I am joining the millions of other people out there who blog. :) I don't really have much to say (LOL, then why am I here????), but I wanted to at least put a toe in the water.

I am a wife to Jason, and a mommy to Lindsay (she'll be 2 in May). We currently reside in Columbia, MD, and have been here for a little over a year and a half. I work full-time, though I telecommute 2 days out of the week, so that eases my commute some.

My mom watches Lindsay for us while I work, and that's such a blessing! It makes my commute a little more than 4 hours each day I have to drive into town, but it's well worth it. :) LOL, remind me I said that the next time I'm complaining about being tired from all the road time. :P At the end of the year I will be saying goodbye to my current job and will be entering a new phase as a SAHM. I can hardly wait! :)

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