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Good morning! I went to bed about 3 hours earlier than usual, and man oh man I am *more* tired today than when I don't get as much sleep... LOL, how does that happen?

Sorry about the washed out photo, we've had a break in the clouds and the sun is super bright today! :)

Okay, personal life yada yada to follow, so if you don't want to read it, consider yourself warned! LOL :) We had a follow-up appointment yesterday with a Neurologist to try to figure out what's going on with our almost 5 year old daughter. While she is bright, sweet, hilarious, goofy, and affectionate, she is also hyper, easily distracted, impulsive, and can be uncooperative (esp. if you ask her to do something she doesn't find interesting). She has an IEP and receives services through the school system, and our annual review is coming up next week. I'm kind of nervous about it because I feel like they might try to release her from services (all of her goals have been marked as "achieved" except for two), and when we had an eligibility meeting in January to determine if she qualified for full-day school, they went around the table and told me how wonderfully she's doing in school and that she doesn't qualify for the extended day. At that time, the school psychologist was also in attendance and told me that Lindsay does not have Autism (which is why she was initially entered into the program -- she was labeled at-risk and had a speech delay). Okay, fine, but what *IS* going on then?? Is it normal for a child to act one way at school, but then in another setting, be the total opposite? Something just seems *off*. I just don't understand how she can be such a different child -- cooperative at school, but totally uncooperative at Sunday School. It's frustrating for us because we have no idea what's going on or really how to fix it or even suggestions to make it better. So, back over the Neurologist we went. His determination? Sleep deprivation... (She sleeps for 11 hours a night, but is SO restless during her sleep that she really doesn't wake up feeling rested... She always looks exhausted.) But here's the kicker... He's thinking it's sleep deprivation AND one of the following: ADHD, Aspergers or Bipolor Disorder. LOL, how's that for options?? I can honestly say that bipolar disorder was *not* something that ever popped into my head. I guess it should have considering my SIL and my husband's aunt are both severely affected. At least we now have a starting point, I suppose.

Hope you have a fabulous day, friends!

  • Create A2 card base using pink CS.
  • Stamp dot images in Versmark ink and heat set with gray embossing powder.
  • Round all corners and outline card with white dashes.
  • Color circle dot centers with gel pen and adhere green rhinestones.
  • Stamp sentiment in white ink.

Stamps - Dot Spot, Mega Mixed Messages
Ink - Versamark, Fresh Snow
Paper - Raspberry Fizz
Miscellaneous - Gray Zing Embossing Powder, White Gel Pen, My Mind's Eye Lush Bling, Corner Chomp


  1. I love your card - especially the white centers with the rhinestones! I also just couldn't cruise past without commenting about your daughter. I just wanted to offer support, I know how frustrating it is when you know something is off, but can't quite figure out what it is. We're going through the same with my son. ((Hugs)) and good luck!

  2. Sorry to hear about your daughter, I hope they reach a final diagnosis so you know what you are dealing with. My 4-year old also suffers from sleep deprivation due to her quality of sleep (sleep apnea), and she is a completely different person when she gets really good sleep. Bipolar at such a young age - I hope that's not what they come up with, but at least it's treatable. Hang in there and try to stay positive :)

  3. Hi there! I just had to pop in after reading about your daughter. I'm not a psychologist... so this is just my personal opinion. And... I know I don't know your daughter. That said... I am an RN & have worked in a pediatric hospital for over a decade. With just the information I read above... I was wondering if she's ever had a sleep study? Does she ever snore? I know that kids with OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) can sometimes go a long time without being diagnosed. It keeps them restless at night & even though they're 'asleep', they're not in a deep enough sleep for an extended period of time to get fully rested. If they fail a sleep study & are diagnosed with OSA, getting their tonsils & adenoids out is a HUGE help.

    As far as the behavior goes, she sounds JUST like my 4-1/2 year old. "While she is bright, sweet, hilarious, goofy, and affectionate, she is also hyper, easily distracted, impulsive, and can be uncooperative (esp. if you ask her to do something she doesn't find interesting)." That describes him to a T! I think my son probably would fit into the 'ADHD' category if tested. I really wouldn't think (based off of this description) that it has anything to do with bipolar disorder or anything on the Autism spectrum. I think sometimes professionals go overboard with their diagnoses. And... if she does have ADHD, that doesn't mean that she would have to be medicated. There are a lot of alternatives that seem to really help.

    Sorry to make this a novel. I just identified with having a child like that & thought I would chirp in. :)

  4. Wow that's hard. I can't imagine what it's like to have kids. Parenting seems so hard. I hope they are able to determine what is going on!

    ps. I love your card. I need that stamp set.

  5. Your card is awesome! I can see this in a variety of colors with different sentiments and it would make a great gift set! :)
    As for your daughter, my thoughts are with you and I hope that you are able to get to the root of the problem.

  6. Love your card, Heather! Good luck with your daughter! It is so hard when something is not quite right, but they're having trouble figuring out what it is. Hope you get some answers soon!

  7. I would take her to a kid psychiatrist - they are experts in all of those disorders you mentioned. If her way changes by setting, it's most likely not ADHD...Aspergers sounds like the one....and bi-polar...I don't think that one. I've got experience with these - but of course am not a medical professional ;) Hope you get some solid answers and not more question marks so that her school life and learning can be seemingly unaffected.

    and I love the black and pink by the way...I wasn't a fan of that dot set but I do like it here on the rounded card.

  8. Beautiful card! Sending hugs your way, there's nothing more frustrating than not knowing the root of something.

  9. Oh Heather! You & your daughter are in my prayers!

  10. I love your pretty card, Heather, and the bling really adds to it!

    Your daughter sounds a bit like my son, and he was diagnosed with ADHD. We have chosen not to medicate, but his grades are suffering. I need to look into alternatives.

  11. This card is stunning! I love it so much!

  12. I love your card. I KNEW I should have gotten that stamp set, but I took it out of my cart right before I checked out... Your card is awesome....

    I am sorry to hear about the issues with your daughter. Recently going thru something of my own and having NO answers as to why I know is tough. The not knowing. The wondering what if... I will pray for you all. Keep the faith and stay strong....

  13. Beautiful card Heather!!! Love the rhinestones!!

    Sorry to hear about your daughter, but keep after them...one of my BFs has a daughter with severe autism complicated by epilepsy and it was not until five that they could figure this all out and SHE had to hound them because they told her it was all behavioral - sheesh!!! Hang in there!!


  14. Hey Heather, I'm one of those that works on the school side with all the IEPs and Annual Reviews etc...my advice is that you, as a parent, gotta demand what you need for your daughter and not stay quiet! Taking her to see professionals is the best way to build up a case to suggest she needs continued support. I really hope you get a diagnosis soon and don't fear, I work with many kids with ADHD, Autism, Aspergers etc who get along fine without medications. I'm not an ed psych but the effect of settings on behaviour seems to point more towards the aspergers rather than bi-polar! Wishing you piece of mind sooner rather than later!

    P.S Your card is fabulous as always of course! Wish I'd got that set now!

  15. you have so many cool stamps - another stunning card!

  16. Your card is beautiful! I love the white touches around the edges!

    I was just talking today with a mom at our preschool who is having similar challenges with her daughter...at 4 years old I would imagine it is so hard to understand and diagnose why the kids behave the way they do! I hope that the drs will help you to find the right answers! ((((((HUGS))))

  17. Heather,

    Beautiful card. I feel for you with your quest for what's best for your daughter. From my experiences as a teacher, I would agree with Aimes in that you are her best (and most powerful) advocate. If you do your homework (which you are) you should be able to get what your daughter needs. Frankly, it seems that school systems are skittish so will sometimes bow to parental pressure. As long as you continue to advocate for her and to pursue the root of her issues, you should be able to make a case for continued services. And congrats to her for meeting almost all of her IEP goals--that is to be celebrated! Take care; it's a long, arduous process. But your daughter is the winner! --Elena

  18. Very cool. I have the hardest time getting that color to look right in photos.

    I am sorry to hear what is going on with your daughter. You are the person that knows her best though. I would not let anyone label her with something you feel she doesn't have though. I hope you will be able to find some answers soon.

  19. another inspiring card.
    RE your daughter- I have no children but I have 2 nieces whom I love with all my heart... hopefully they can start to narrow the possibilities down so you can treat and forge ahead!

  20. Hi Heather - the first thing I thought of when I read about your daughter is Aspbergers - my daughter has been diagnosed with that and has similar behavior. And it was very difficult to get her the special services she needed - she wasn't diagnosed until she was in 8th grade. She also has bipolar 2. Don't let them drop her from special services - they are really important for them as they get older. My daughter is now in college - a sophomore and in a special program for "disabilities". She qualified for this because she was in a program through high school and also has paperwork from psychologists, etc.
    Hugs, Harriet

  21. I love this card! The color combo is fab, and that is one of my latest fave stamp sets!

    I am sorry to hear about all the issues with your daughter. I hope you can get a true diagnosis soon so they can start treating her and helping her!


  22. Very cute, I love the pink,black,and green color combo!

  23. Hi Heather,
    love your work. Cyber hugs to you during this obvious stressful time.

  24. Gorgeous card! I hope everything works out with your daughter, being a parent is such a challenge!

  25. Sending you lots of hugs and good thoughts.

  26. Thinking of you Heather, I can't imagine what kind of stress and worry you are going through. I hope they figure it out soon as just knowing what the problem is can make it so much easier to cope with.

    Aside from that, your card is stunning! Really love the rhinestone centres. Wish my goodies would hurry up and arrive!

  27. awesome card with your new stamp set, and just wanted to encourage you about your daughter. No matter what the label they give her, the blood of Jesus is able to heal her. I have seen this with my very eyes, and I know it is true, so be encouraged!!

  28. Gorgeous card. I love that stamp set, and now you've made me 'need' it even more lol. I hope you manage to get everything resolved soon with your daughter. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for you x

  29. Oh, Heather! I'm so sorry to hear about the issues with your daughter!! No knowing is hard,I hope you are going to get the true diagnosis soon so you can start helping her! Sending lots of hugs and prayers your way!

    I love your gorgeous card as always!!

  30. This is beautiful Heather. Love the colors.

    Big hugs on the daughter issue. Hopefully everything will be looking up soon.

  31. Hey Heather, I had no idea about your daughter, I can't imagine what going through that is like as a parent. Be strong, they can figure out so many things these days and help, and they just keep coming up with more solutions everyday. Sending you big hugs!!

    Your card is totally fabby too! Love those fun circles and the bright pink with black!

  32. You are your daughter's best advocate. Keep fighting to get answers. I wish you and your family the best!

    Your cards are always too fabulous!

  33. God is the Great Physician, I know you probably know that ready that your daughter goes to Sunday School. We sing a song at church that says, "Who's report do we believe? We shall believe the report of the Lord!" When I read your post, that song popped in my mind. So I just wanted to tell you that and tell you that I am praying for a complete healing in Jesus Name for your daughter!

  34. You make such beautiful cards. Love this one with the bright pink! I do hope you find out what the cause of your daughter's behavior is. Knowing what something is really does help in dealing with and taking the right steps to work things out. Good luck!

  35. Hugs Heather!!
    With a few of the possible diagnosis's, have you ever thought or done a diet modification? One of my friends son is adhd, and has aspergers, and she has done a diet modification and has seen really wonderful results. It isn't a cure all, but it does help. Maybe at school she has a schedule, and at Sunday School, maybe it is different every week. I know with children with Aspergers and Autism, a change of schedule really throws them for a loop.
    I hope you can find answers that help with a solution. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
    my son did a sleep study, because he snored at night (huge tonsils and adenoids). You will find out a lot about your daughters sleep, and if she is getting enough rem and deep sleep at night if she does one. You or your husband will stay with her, so its not like you just drop her off lol.
    stay positive!!

  36. Heather, I'm so sorry you are going through this. I know for my daughter if she doesn't get enough sleep it really, really effects her behavior. Both of my girls (4&7)get 11 hours of sleep and some days it's still not enough. Maybe the sleep deprivation is just exacerbating the problem and the diagnosis isn't as bad as they are guessing. Don't let the professionals push you around if you don't like their answers. You are your child's advocate. I always go with my Mommy's instinct. And research things on my own. Someone mentioned diet as affecting behavior, I believe it does. Maybe you can have her tested for allergies? I know, it must be overwhelming, I'm just throwing it out there. I've seen my friends kids adhd and behavior improve after altering their diets. (For us, I limit sugar as it makes my 7 yr old become a different person!) This journey in parenthood is so tough. I'm wishing you the best. Please keep us updated. {{Hugs}}

  37. I was just popping in to get my fix of Heather's luscious cards (which I did get, thank you very much) and saw your quick mention of thanks regarding all these replies so I had to find out. Sending more cyber hugs and good wishes! Hang in there hon!


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