Easter Sunday

Here are a couple of pictures of Lindsay on Easter... Her dress was a little on the big side, so maybe she'll be able to wear it next year!

We went over to Jason's uncle's house and had a great time. We ended up getting there a little on the late side, but luckily there were still people there, so we were able to catch up some.

Lindsay had a fun time running around the house playing with the plants and picking the jelly beans off of the cupcakes. LOL I don't know how many times I had to go get her from the kitchen because she had been grabbing the beans (and consiquently the FROSTING) off of the cupcakes Debbie made.

The biggest "near miss" disaster involved two things... Lindsay and cool whip. There was an open container of cool whip sitting on the dessert table, and she proceeded to pick it up and head out of the kitchen. Luckily, Jason's grandma was there shouting "get her, get her!" LOL Never a dull moment!

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