Easter Egg Hunt - Success

Here are some pictures of Lindsay from Saturday's Easter Egg Hunt. It ended up snowing on Saturday (only 1 - 2 "... So much for Spring?!), but thankfully the snow melted before the beginning of the hunt. It was pretty chilly (40-ish degrees), but on the good side at least we didn't have a chocolately mess inside the eggs! :)

There were approximately 185 kids that came out for the hunt, which is a wonderful turnout considering the weather! What a blessing for us to get to reach out to over 300 people in our community. :) We ended up bringing everything inside (except for the actual egg hunt), and people seemed appreciative. We had bubbles, balloon animals, bag decorating, temporary tattoos and a couple of fun crafts for the kids while they were waiting to go outside and gather eggs.

Our little monkey got a tattoo of a pink monkey on her cheek. :) She cried a little while they were putting it on, but the tears dried up instantly once the paper towel was removed... She's so funny.

I also have a picture of Lindsay and her daddy outside in the cold... What good sports! Lindsay also won one of the prize drawings for the 2-4 year olds... That was a suprise! It was a little weird taking her up to the stage to pick up a prize that Jen & I had shopped for, but she seems to love it.

The Easter Egg Hunt was a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it!! :)

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