Rocky Run Park

Here are a few pictures of Lindsay. We went to Rocky Run Park this afternoon with Tonya and Jen and their kids, and had a blast!

We had never been to there before, and it was really nice. They had an area for bigger kids as well as a toned down toddler-sized playground. That was such a relief since we didn't have to worry about our little ones getting pummeled by the bigger kids.

Lindsay hit the ground running as soon as I let her hand go... She thought it was hysterical running away from mommy. I don't even know if she realized the playground equipment was there at first, she was having too much fun playing "keep away from mommy." I'm hoping at some point she'll actually listen to me when I tell her to come back! I'm watching all the other 2-ish year olds and when they're told to stop and come back, THEY ACTUALLY DO!! What a concept! LOL, this girl is a wild one!!!

Lindsay spent most of the time playing on the little walkway, well, once I got her to stop running away from me anyway. :) The walkway had small holes in it so you could see the ground, and she thought it was fastenating. :) I just love watching her little brain at work...

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