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Where has this week gone? I don't know about you, but I've just been exhausted! Lots has been going on this week in preparation for Easter. Jason is making his "big debut" tonight in our local Church's Bow the Knee Easter play. It should be a lot of fun! He's soooooo nervous, it's totally adorable. :) I couldn't ever get up on stage in front of a group of people, so I definitely give him credit for making the leap!

Tonight, I'll be working in the nursery, so I'll miss the first performance, but I'll be in there on Sunday with my camera in tow! Stay tuned for pics!! :) After the play tonight, we'll be setting up for the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. It's supposed to be pretty cold tomorrow, so we're not sure what sort of turn out we're going to have. Hopefully it'll still be a big success!

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